Administrative Law

Administrative law is encompassing more and more of the legal landscape. Specialized boards and tribunals have been established in numerous areas: from human rights to trade regulation and well beyond, each with its own policies, procedures and rules. The lawyers at Kelly & Co. have regularly appeared before the very boards and tribunals found in administrative matters, helping their clients to successful outcomes time and again. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss your administrative law issue and help you maneuver through the legal quagmire - just contact us at (519) 579-3360.


More and more often, specialized boards and tribunals are being established to deal with an array of specific legal issues. Boards and tribunals have been established to deal with employment, property, criminal, social and a number of other issues. Sometimes it is mandatory that certain matters/claims be brought before a board or tribunal and sometimes you have a choice of where you want to bring your matters/claims.

Some of the boards and tribunals that the lawyers at Kelly & Co. have appeared before include:

  • the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal
  • the Ontario Labour Board
  • the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
  • the Landlord and Tenant Board
  • the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board
  • the Social Benefits Tribunal
  • License Appeal Tribunal
  • Ontario Municipal Board
  • Health Professions Appeal and Review Board
  • Financial Services Commission of Ontario and the Financial Services Tribunal
  • Environmental Review Tribunal
  • Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
  • Ontario Civilian Police Commission
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal

While the decisions are legally binding, that does not necessarily mean that decision cannot be challenged. For more information about Kelly & Co.'s board and tribunal representation and appellate litigation, please click here. If you are initiating or responding to a claim before a board or tribunal, or if you're unsatisfied with a decision and would like to know what your options are, please contact our office.