Business and Commercial Law

Whether you are starting a business, purchasing a business, maintaining a business or selling a business, we at Kelly & Co. have the cross-disciplinary knowledge to advise you on the best approach to take.

A business can be as simple or as complex as you like: we enjoy using our knowledge in order to help our corporate and commercial law clients meet their goals. We have a vast array of services that span virtually all areas of corporate and commercial law - from developing a business plan and strategy, to protecting intellectual property, to creating compliance policies and avoiding costly penalties or litigation. The lawyers at Kelly & Co. will work with you to provide creative, customized and cost-effective solutions for your commercial issues.

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The Canadian legal system provides a number of different vehicles through which you can pursue your business goals. Sole proprietorships, partnerships, non-profit organizations, limited liability partnerships, corporations and joint ventures are but some of those. If you are thinking about starting a new business, the lawyers at Kelly & Co. would be happy to meet with you and discuss your idea's advantages and disadvantages, start-up and meeting ongoing requirements. Please contact our office to make an appointment and learn more about how Kelly & Co. can help you meet your goals.

If you are starting a new business relationship you should think about how you want that relationship to operate. Leaving these types of decisions until you want or need to escape a relationship after it has deteriorated, or until you are considering taking on a new party, is often too little, too late. Shareholder and partnership agreements can explore a number of issues that you may not have considered. They define a variety of rights and obligations, helping to take the guess-work out of the equation as well as providing a legally binding document that you can rely upon later.

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Shareholders, directors and officers have a range of rights and entitlements pursuant to the relevant statutes, regulations and the corporation's constating documents. But when a corporation or its affiliates act in a manner that is oppressive or unfairly prejudicial and unfairly disregards your interests, you may be able to remedy that through the courts. This can happen when someone unfairly causes an unequal division of the corporation's profits, someone unilaterally and unfairly changes decision making authority, someone takes steps to deprive others of benefits or someone makes material decisions without notice. If these, or other unfair changes have happened to you, you may have an Oppression Remedy under the Business Corporations Act. To find out more about what remedies are available to you, please contact the lawyers at Kelly & Co. to learn more.

Buying or selling a business is an involved enterprise. Whether you are buying or selling a business - assets or shares - the lawyers at Kelly & Co. can help. There are advantages and disadvantages to each, depending on your circumstances. We have the experience and knowledge necessary so that whatever is on the table, you will know its value.

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Long passed is the time when property consisted only of physical property - houses, vehicles and tools. Today businesses have much more to consider, like protecting intellectual property.

If you have intellectual property such as product names, logos, slogans, domain names and any other mark used to distinguish your business, or you want to protect and know your rights with respect to your original literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works, we can help. The lawyers at Kelly & Co. recognize the value of your intellectual property and can provide the service necessary to protect it.

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