Real Estate

Even in the simplest of cases, buying, selling and developing real estate is replete with unexpected delays and pitfalls. You need legal counsel familiar with the landscape to make sure that your real property transaction closes when it is supposed to close. We at Kelly & Co. are happy to offer superior residential and commercial real estate services that will protect you.

Please contact our office in order to learn more about your ability to deal with real property.

Purchasing a home is often the most financially significant investment you will make in your lifetime. We at Kelly & Co. realize that you're not just investing in a plot of residential real estate - often times, you're investing in a home. Kelly & Co. has experience acting for buyers and sellers in all types of residential real estate, whether it be a single family residence, townhouse, condominium, cottage property or other types of property.

At Kelly & Co. we'll work hard to make sure that your purchase or sale of residential real estate closes when it's supposed to close, how it's supposed to close. If you want legal service and advice aimed at protecting you and your home, contact the lawyers at Kelly & Co. to schedule an appointment.

Real estate is real estate - but commercial real estate is not residential real estate. Often a commercial real estate transaction involves the consideration of many more factors including construction, leasing, complex financing, ownership structures, tax and environmental issues. Whatever your commercial real estate need, from drafting and negotiating to acquisition, sale and financing transactions, Kelly & Co. can handle it. Please click here to contact-kelly-law.shtml">schedule an appointment.